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Board Game Quest posts DragonFlame Preview

Board Game Quest takes a look at Minion Games' new card game, DragonFlame, and gives you their thoughts on the subject.


From the article:

Let me start with this: dragons are awesome! And there is a new game where you get to be a dragon, I’m interested. In DragonFlame you will spend each round looting castles, capturing princesses and treasures, and burning down villages. It really is the kind of stuff dragon dreams are made of. For a game that is primarily a card game, the theme really shines.

DragonFlame is launching a Kickstarter campaign, seeking funding for a July 2015 release. The game is primarily a set collection game, with some hidden information thrown in for good measure. Because, come on, how are you supposed to know exactly what was in that castle before you loot it? Is DragonFlame worth your Kickstarter dollars? Let’s find out!

DragonFlame is a bluffing and set collection card game for 2-5 players that takes about 30 minutes to play.