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Board Game Quest posts board game review for Tomorrow

Board Game Quest has posted up a board game review. What's the name of the game? Tomorrow. Why can't I tell you today? Because the game's Tomorrow.
I don't know.
Third base.


From the review:

A global crisis is at hand. We’ve damaged our planet so badly that it can no longer support our growing population. Humanity is on the brink of extinction and the world leaders must do something! Their only choice? Depopulate the Earth. This is the premise behind the new board game, Tomorrow, from Conquistador Games. Players must successfully reduce the earth’s population before the clock runs out. How much fun is this grim-themed game of negotiation and betrayal? Read on to find out!

Tomorrow is an Area Control and Negotiation game for 4-6 players that takes about 90 minutes. Tomorrow plays best with 5-6 players.