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Board Game Quest posts a Qwixx Review

Board Game Quest has a new review article up. This time it's the dice game Qwixx. I'd say it's a quick review of Qwixx, but it's actually rather in-depth.


From the post:

There are very few things in the world that don’t have some type of award associated with it. Things like the growing the best beard, filling the worse lawsuit and even having a good twitter post can net you a trophy. Board games are not immune from this human phenomenon and the most famous of the board game awards is the Spiel des Jahres. When the nominees in 2013 were announced, one game on the list made people scratch their heads. Qwixx wasn’t really a game on most people’s radar. It was a bit of a surprise to get nominated because traditionally, light dice games don’t make the cut. Today we will be reviewing Qwixx to see if this game is worth your investment. Let’s go!

Qwixx is a dice rolling game for 2-5 players to complete in about fifteen minutes. In my experience, the game plays well at all player counts.