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Board Game Challenge Finals This Weekend

Gaming is a worldwide thing. You can go anywhere on this blue planet of ours and find people enjoying our hobby. While sometimes those other places don't quite get the press, it doesn't mean that stuff isn't happening there. Well, TGN is about letting people know about gaming going on everywhere, and it's what that in mind that we announce the finals for Indonesia's first board game designer's awards are happening this weekend. This is the culmination of 3 months of preliminaries.

The finals have 25 different games from different design teams from 5 different Indonesian cities. This weekend, the games will be shown publicly. This is happening at the Bintaro Xchange Mall in Jakarta. Anyone who wants to stop by and play the games can over in the Public Play Space. They'd love to teach you their new games.

In all, over 96 board games, created by 390 participants, were narrowed down to these final 25, of which, only 3 will be chosen as the best. Board Game Challenge is organized by KOMPAS (one of the biggest news media in Indonesia) and KUMMARA (the first game design consultant/company in Indonesia). The Board Game Challenge Committee is consisting of media expert team from Kompas and game designer team from Kummara.