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Blue Orange Europe Collection Announced for Origins 2015

Last year, Blue Orange Games tested the waters with several European developed games, including BraveRats, Battle Sheep, and more. While the company was founded on creating family friendly games, it felt there was a market for these Euro designed games that would attract the more dedicated tabletop gamers while still be accessible by everyone. The plan must have been a success because the Blue Orange Europe Collection was just announced and will premiere at Origins 2015. Check after the break for the first eight titles in the collection.

The Blue Orange Europe Collection's first eight games include: Prohis by Marc Brunnenkant, Armadora by Christwart Conrad, Attila by Bruno Faidutti, Crab Stack by Henri Kermarrec, Dragon Run by Ludovic Barbe and Bruno Cathala, Sushi Draft by Takahiro, Wakanda by Charles Chevallier, and Wink by Fred Krahwinkel.


Prohis is a bluffing game for three to six players. Each player is trying to smuggle their illegal goods past the authorities by playing a hidden hand of cards and convincing the other players everything in the shipment is on the up-and-up. Of course, if they don't believe it, the Prohis are called in to check out the shipment. The person who smuggled the most contraband wins.


Armadora pits two to four players against each other as they strike out to claim the most dwarven gold. To get that sweet, sweet gold, players will use tokens to claim territories or palisades to divide existing territories up for future claim disputes. Get the most gold and win.


Attila is a two player game of strategy, or "abstract strategy" as they call it. Players move their pieces around the board in the same fashion as a knight in Chess. However, instead of capturing pieces, players are trying to prevent their opponents from being able to make any legal moves by blocking pieces with others and using flaming arrows to makes spots impassable.


Crab Stack is a game of, well, stacking crabs for two to four players. Stacking crabs is really only part of the game though. Players control three crabs each and move them around the board, attempting to trap other player's crabs under theirs to be washed away by the waves. Last person with crabs wins. (Don't laugh. This is a family game.)

Dragon Run

Dragon Run is all about adventurers' and their greed. Two to five players take on the personas of adventurers going after an angry dragon's treasure horde, pushing their luck as the go deeper into the dungeon. But if they're not careful, the dragon will catch them and the treasure will be lost. The person who escapes with the most treasure wins.


Sushi Draft tasks three to five players with eating tasty sushi for points. Through a card drafting mechanic, player chooses a sushi card to keep from their hand before passing it. After all of the cards are picked, players score points based on the sushi they ate, going after the same types to make sets or trying to get as many different ones as possible. Be the best sushi eater and win!


Wakanda is another two player games (always good to have more of those!) about totem building. Each turn, players decide to build on an existing unclaimed totem poll to increase its value or claim one. Claimed polls must correspond to a village tile you own to score those points. Whoever honors the gods the most wins (ie. gets the most points).


Wink is a party game designed to make four to eight people keenly aware of their friends who can't seem to wink like a normal person. Each turn, partners will secretly try to wink at each other without being detected by other players. If you catch someone winking, you can play an Accuse card to steal their points. Be the best winker and win.

All of these games will be available first at Origins 2015 (June 3-7) and will show up in local game stores shortly after. Hopefully we'll be able to get our hands on a few of these for reviews in the next few weeks.