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Blue Moon Manufacturing Transylvania Play Set

Blue Moon Manufacturing is pleased to bring you their third 15/18mm Play Set:

From their announcement:

The Transylvania Play Set comes with all the Transylvania buildings plus figures so you have everything you need to set up your Transylvanian Town. These buildings would work for many of your gaming scenarios also.

Included in the play set is 1 each of the Transylvania Buildings which includes:

15HOR-201 Transylvania - set of 4 buildings
15HOR-202 Transylvania Town Church
15HOR-203 Transylvania Borgo Pass Inn
15HOR-204 Transylvania Castle

Plus the 15/18mm Figure Packs:

15HOR-101 Werewolves
15HOR-102 Vampires
15HOR-103 The Children of the Night
15HOR-104 Slayers
15HOR-110 Dr. Frankenstein and his Laboratory, Monster, and Igor
15HOR-112 Angry Villagers
15HOR-117 Holy Priests and Nuns

The Transylvania Play Set sells for $400.00. If you purchased these buildings and figures individually they would sell for $466.00.

If you are an Old Glory Army Card Member after discount your member price would be $240.00, that is a whopping savings of $206.00 for our Old Glory Army Members. The Transylvania Play Set can be purchased from either the or the web sites.