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Blue Moon Manufacturing shows off new releases

Blue Moon Manufacturing has more historical miniatures for you.

From the release:

New WWI Releases from Blue Moon Manufacturing

We have just released 5 new WWI codes from our 15/18mm Blue Moon Line. These 5 codes consist of 1 gun each with an 8 man crew and sell for $10.00. Just the fire support your troops need to fight their battles.

15WWI-110 77mm Field Gun with crew
15WWI-112 10cc K04/14 with crew

15WWI-310 18lb Field Gun with crew
15WWI-315 Quick Fire 13 pdr with crew
15WWI-316 BL 60pdr MKI with crew

These packs are ready to go and can be purchased on either the web site or the Old Glory Corp manufacturer direct web site If you are an Old Glory Army member your discount applies to all the Blue Moon products.