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Blue Moon Manufacturing Releases more Napoleonic Cavalry

Blue Moon Manufacturing continues their cavalry releases for their Napoleonic range with some British and Scots.
A Scotsman on a horse! (kudos if you get the reference)


From the update:

Fresh out of the molds and ready to go are 4 more codes in our 15/18mm British Cavalry range. Watch for more announcements as we have a large amount of new codes being finished.

Available now are:
15NC-212 British Hussar Command in Shako $12.00
9 figures consisting of 3 Standardbearers, 3 Trumpeters and 3 Officers.

15NC-213 British Hussars Charging in Shako (15 mounted figures) $19.50

15NC-221 Scots Greys Command (4 mounted figures) $8.00
4 Figures consisting of 1 Standardbearer, 1 Trumpeter and 2 Officers

15NC-222 Scots Greys Charging (15 mounted figures) $19.50