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Blue Moon Manufacturing has yet more Napoleonics

Blue Moon Manufacturing keeps the Napoleonics rolling with their next set of releases.

From the release:
15/18mm Blue Moon Napoleonics Keep Marching In

The 15/18mm Blue moon Napoleonics just keep marching in! We have 6 more releases in our Napoleonic range. These beautiful new sculpts are from the French 1812-1815 range and the Russian 1805-1807 range.

French 1812-1815:
15NFT-400 French Line Command Full Dress (9 figs) $15.00
Pack content is 3 Eagle Bearers, 3 Sergeants, 3 Drummers and 3 Officers.
15NFT-401 French Center Company Full Dress March Attack (30 figs) $15.00
15NFT-403 French Flank Company Full Dress March Attack (12 figs) $7.00
Russian 1805-1807:
15NRT-100 Russian Musketeer Command (10 figs) $6.00
Pack content is 4 Standardbearers, 2 Sergeants, 2 Drummers and 2 Officers.
15NRT-113 Musketeers in Greatcoats March Attack (30 figs) $15.00
15NRT-117 Grenadier in Greatcoat with Shako March Attack (30 figs) $15.00