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Blue Moon Manufacturing has new Napoleonic models

Blue Moon Manufacturing has a couple new sets of Napoleonic models for you to look over.

From the update:

More 15/18mm napoleonics from Blue Moon manufacturing.

We have 3 more 15/18mm Blue Moon Napoleonic Codes ready to go! These codes are from the French 1812-1815 range. More codes are coming so keep watching.
15NFT-407 Line command Campaign Dress (12) $7.00
15NFT-408 Center Company Campaign Dress March Attack (30) $15.00
15NFT-410 Flank Company Campaign Dress March Attack (12) $7.00

These new codes are available on both the Blue Moon web site as well as the Old Glory Corp direct web site. If you are an Old Glory Army member your discount applies to all the Blue Moon Manufacturing products.