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Blue Moon Manufacturing has new Gauls

Blue Moon Manufacturing has the Gaul!... or Gauls, if you will. Lots of them. And they want you to have them, too.

From the release:

New 15/18mm Blue Moon Caesar's Gallic Wars

Play Hail Caesar, FOG, DBA, DBM games, or any of the other popular rule sets and have proper size war bands and legions. The new Blue Moon Gallic Wars Range with these beautiful sculpts, the amount of variants available and the unbeatable prices will make this possible. There are over 80 completely different sculpts in just these 3 initial packs alone!!! The Roman and the Gallic Cavalry will be next week.

15/18mm Gauls
15RAE-101 Warriors Bare Chested (30) $15.00
15RAE-102 Warriors in Tunics (30) $15.00
15RAE-103 Warriors in Mail (30) $15.00

These great new sculpts are ready to go and can be purchased on either the web site or the Old Glory Corp Manufacturers direct web site If you are an Old Glory Army member your discount applies to all the Blue Moon products.