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Blue Moon Manufacturing has even more Napoleonics for you!

Blue Moon Manufacturing releases a slew of new Napoleonics figures for your enjoyment.

Ironically, these figures are reported to be taller than the actual Napoleon...
Just kidding.

More Blue Moon Napoleonics Have Arrived

We have 6 more 15/18mm Blue Moon Napoleonic codes ready to go! Just released are:
15NAT-109 Hungarian Line Command (12 figs)
15NPT-102 Grenadier Command (12 figs)
RUSSIAN 1812-1815:
15NRT-216 Pavlovski Grenadiers with Command (31 figs)
FRENCH 1805-1806:
15NFT-107 Line Command in Greatcoats (12 figs)
15NFT-110 Flank Company in Greatcoats (Bearskins) March Attack (12 figs)
FRENCH 1809:
15NFT-207 Line Command Campaign Dress (12 figs)