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Blue Moon Manufacturing 15/18mm Napoleonics

Blue Moon Manufacturing adds 15/18mm Napoleonics to their Online webstore:

From their post:

We are running a couple weeks behind, but here are 10 new releases in our 15/18mm Napoleonics ranges. We will have more coming shortly, so keep watching. We have just released:

French Napoleonic 1805-1806
15NFT-100 Line Command (12) $7.00
15NFT-105 Flank Company in Bicorne March attack (12) $7.00
Prussian Napoleonic 1812-1815
15NPT-200 Line Command (10) $6.00

Austrian Napoleonic
15NAT-103 German Command in Shako (12) $7.00
15NAT-110 Hungarian Line March Attack (30) $15.00
15NAT-112 Hungarian Grenadier with Command (30) $15.00

British Highlanders
15NBT-300 Highland Command (12) $7.00
15NBT-301 Highland Center Company March Attack (30) $15.00

Russian 1805-1807
15NRT-109 Grenadier in Miter Cap March Attack (30) $15.00

Russian 1812-1815
15NRT-200 Musketeer Command (10) $6.00

These are ready to be purchased on both the web site as well as the Old Glory Corp Manufacturers direct web site As always the Old Glory Army discount applies to all Blue Moon products for our members.