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Blue Moon Manufacturing 15/18mm ACW Equipment Rolling In

Blue Moon Manufacturing releases new American Civil War 15/18mm releases:

From their website:

To help support those courageous Civil War troops we have 3 equipment codes ready to go for you.

15ACW-88 Limbers (2) for $26.00

There are 2 limbers per pack and each limber comes with 6 horses, 3 horse riders and a set of 2 limber drivers, plus 1 ammo box.

15ACW-89 Caissons (2) for $10.00

There are 2 caissons per pack. Each caisson has 2 ammo boxes and 3 wheels.

15ACW-91 Extra Limber Horses with Riders for $8.00

Each pack comes with 6 horses (3 right, 3 left) and a selection of 3 random horse riders.

We will have more announcements coming soon so keep watching for all the exciting things Blue Moon Manufacturing is bringing your way.

These new codes are available on either the or the web site and as always if you are an Old Glory Army member your discount applies to Blue Moon products.