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Blue Moon 15mm Ferreen preview

The Four-Color Figures blog has photos of painted samples of the upcoming 15mm Ferreen sci-fi figures from Blue Moon Manufacturing. From their website:?
Here's a preview of one of the upcoming alien races for Blue Moon's massive 15mm sci-fi range debuting this summer. The Ferreen hail from the jungle world Ferronous, and each member of their race is born with massive psychic potential. When they die, the psychic essences of the mightiest among them are captured in spheres called Orbs, and their energy is used to power the race's technology. When used for war, they become War-Orbs, and accompany the Ferreen into battle floating on a gravimetric field. The Ferreen wear powerful gauntlets that act as focus elements for the destructive energies of the War-Orbs. These gauntlets can also be charged with psychic energy to make Ferreen warriors deadly close combatants.