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Bloody Quest RPG Now In Open Beta

Do you want to help out a new game? Give it a shot before it's officially released and give suggestions so that it can be all that it can be? Well, that's what you can do now with Bloody Quest, a new fantasy RPG. The Open Beta materials are available for download. Check 'em out, give 'em a try, and add your name to the list of playtesters.

From the announcement:

Gather your friends, sharpen your swords, and pack your wet wipes to wipe off the blood, as you delve into the exciting new RPG that is Bloody Quest! Set in the dark fantasy world of Somnium, embark on action packed quests through a setting filled with creatures both familiar and new, as well as a few spins on old tropes to keep things fresh.

Bloody Quest is a unique hybrid of popular table top wargames and roleplaying games. A class based strictly D6 system that offers a fast, fun and lethal combat system sure to appeal to new comers of war games and RPG aficionados alike. It is a math light system that will resolve combat encounters within 20 to 40 minutes but still retains a lot of tactical depth and detail. Bloody Quest is a flexible system that can be run with or without miniatures and maps.

This beta comes with three mighty tomes of knowledge, the Core Rules, the Player Guide and the Game Master Guide. Coming in at a total of 198 pages. The Core Rules will get you familiar with the base rules of the system. The Player Guide will offer 6 classes and 5 races, everything a player needs to build a unique character and watch him grow. The Game Master Guide comes with useful hints to get started with Bloody Quest, and offers easy ways to create content with the bestiary in the back. It comes with all the printable assets needed to play straight away, including creature cards for encounters, character sheets, and ability cards. Just print and play.

So what are you waiting for! Time to jump in and get bloody!