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Bloody Nights Board Game Up on Verkami

Vampires. They don't like sunlight (... most of the time). Being intelligent creatures (... most of the time), they tend to go out of their way to avoid it. Well, thanks to the tilt of the Earth's axis, the polar regions tend to end up with times of the year where it's dark the entire time (and light the entire time, too, but the vampires really avoid the area then). Bloody Nights is a board game that recreates the tension of that time of year in a far-northern town that's being besieged by vampires. Survivors must collect provisions and weapons, as well as find good hiding spots, all without being turned into lunch.

The game is semi-cooperative. You're all trying to survive, but you want to be the player who manages to save the most villagers in the process. Hunger (both yours and the vampire's), the cold, and the potential for a back-stab from one of your other players keeps you on your toes.

Game components:
- 60 Town Cards
- 18 Vampire Cards
- 12 Mission Cards
- 12 Blood Tokens
- 6 Character Cards
- 2 Meeple (Leader and turn token)
- 1 Board-Calendar
- 1 Die
- Rules in Spanish and English (and any other language that gets +50 backers)

The campaign is 3x funded and still has 26 days left to go on the clock.