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Bloodstone Frontier Pioneer-Punk Miniatures Skirmish Game Up On Kickstarter

Well, I can't say I'd ever heard of Pioneer-Punk before. But it's not something entirely new. I know of a couple other games that might fit that description. But we're not here to talk about them. We're here to talk to you about Bloodstone Frontier, a new miniatures skirmish game that's up on Kickstarter now. So grab your six-shooter laser pistol and ride into town on your cybernetic horse.


The game uses a card-based system for... well... everything. Measuring is done with cards. Attacks and defense "rolls" are done with cards. Seeing what sort of loot you get from enemies is done via cards. For example, when you move a miniature, depending on if you play a black card or a red card, you can either move your model once and then draw a card (if you played black) or move your model twice (if you played a red card). Attacks are fairly simple, the higher the card, the stronger your attack. Your opponent can then play cards in defense. You can play multiple cards to increase your totals, but only if the cards share the same suit. When a miniature is defeated, they drop a stash token. When you loot the token, you're looking to get as many assets as possible out of it. The game ends when either one player's team is totally taken out, or someone gains enough assets.

The campaign is up and running now. They're about 1/3 of the way to their goal with still 29 days left to go.