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Bloodborne: The Hunter's Nightmare Expansion Preview

The Bloodborne card game takes players into a dark and scary world where death more-than-likely awaits you just around the corner with big, pointy teeth! You thought it was tough enough, but it's about to get harder in The Hunter's Nightmare expansion. We got a look at this upcoming set at a Media Event hosted by CMON.

This new set brings several things you'd expect. There's new gear and upgrades that hunters can acquire, giving them new options for when they want to take out the various monsters. Of course, there's new monsters as well. All the better to try out said new equipment on. Lurking in the shadows, there's new bosses as well. Since each one has its own universal rule for the dungeon, each one will give gamers a new experience when out hunting. There's also two entirely new mechanics that have been added. One will make things a bit easier, while the other makes them much harder.

First off, there's Runes. These cards are dealt out to Hunters at the beginning of the game, of which they will choose 1 to keep and play it face-up in front of them on the board. These are different bonuses that they will get throughout the game. These can be things like letting you bank Blood Echoes when you reveal a certain type of card, or dealing extra damage with certain types of weapons. Each one is different and will have an effect on how you build up your Hunter during the game.

Then there's the Death Tokens. These little markers are placed at the end of a Hunter's trophy board. When a Hunter dies (and we all know how often that happens), they move down from the right-hand side, going towards the left. Basically, they start eating up your Trophy Board. So if the Death Token passes your Trophy Token, those trophies aren't worth anything anymore. You know, I often tell people, "don't die." But, really, don't die!

Expect to see more from this expansion as it gets closer to its release.