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Blood Rage Previews New Art/Sculpts

Blood Rage Previews New Art/Sculpts

Guillotine Games gives us another look at some of the minis and artwork for their upcoming Blood Rage board game, which will be launching on Kickstarter on the 2nd. Have yourself a look-see, while learning a bit about the sculptors and the design philosophy for the game’s minis.


From the post:

The team of sculptors Mike was able to put together for Blood Rage is incredible:
Remy Tremblay, Jason Hendricks, JAG, Jose Roig, Steve Saunders, Gregory Clavilier, Stephane Simon, Rafal Zelazo and Elfried Perochon. A dream team indeed.

Remy Tremblay is also working (as many others of the name above) on another project Mike and Guillotine Games are developing: The Others. We asked to Remy to write few lines about his experience and you can read it below. Tomorrow will be the turn of Master Adrian Smith!

Our thank to Remy is our thank to these amazing crazy artists that are able to create such wonderful art! Without your work and dedication we wouldn’t be here!

“I’m Remy Tremblay, a French miniatures sculptor. I’m 28 and I live with my wonderful wife and two kids.
Everything started, as it did for many people, with Heroquest during the 1990’s. Mike McVey’s painting and Les Edward’s cover made an impression on my young brain, and probably set me on a path for the rest of my life. An old friend of mine told me a few month ago than even at those old times I dreamed of sculpting miniatures for a living, I guess I was, and still am – one those kind of weird children lost in fantasy books and video games.

For a long time Heroquest was my only visual reference for fantasy, but as I grew older, the covers of the Fighting Fantasy books slowly lead me towards the Games Workshop universe. Adrian Smith was my first real inspiration at GW with his artwork for the Orcs and Goblins. From then on, I was totally hooked on miniatures and spend most of my time between playing video games and painting miniatures. I’ve since won many prizes in miniature painting competitions, both historical and fantasy.

This passion taught me one thing : we can’t be good on all fronts in the same time, so my chair at the science university ended up being empty… As making miniatures was the only realistic opportunity for me, I entered art school and graduated with work based on hyper-realistic animals.

With my diploma in hand I was ready to start freelancing. Between 2009 and 2011 I worked for many companies, and then a certain Mr McVey approached me as Mantic Entertainment needed a sculptor. Under Mike’s direction I created many models exclusively for Mantic until 2013. From then I followed Mike for the fantastic journey with Studio McVey.
After working on many sculpts, I have learned the to get the best results for PVC miniatures, producing better models along the way. I have always had a taste for the realistic side of sculpting, largely inspired by Raul Latorre and Jacques-Alexandre Gillois, and this probably my most significant sculpting characteristic. Recently I’ve been try to find a balance between realism and abstraction to produce the best looking miniatures possible.
When Mike introduced me to the Blood Rage project I was really pleased with both the theme, the art and the opportunity to realize a full range of barbaric figures, reminiscent of the old Heroquest “Madeleine de Proust”.
The Blood Rage project was ambitious as all miniatures had to be single-piece casting yet dynamic and exciting. One of the challenges, was finding a way to render the fantastic detail on the art, in a way that would work on plastic miniatures.

Establishing a balance between the requirements from the plastic casting – such as 2mm thick poles for standards – while still respecting Adrian’s artistic vision was the fun part of the job. It always an honor to work from such pieces of art, but it brings great pressure as people can refer back to the original art when they see the miniatures.

Overall I’m happy to be part of this journey, it’s one of the most enjoyable I have worked on.”