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Blood Bound Now Available From Fantasy Flight Games

It's never good when vampire clans get to fighting. You think that regular gang warfare is rough. It's just that much worse when the supernatural is involved. The war that's gone on has left both sides near their limit. Both are looking to finish this off while they can. Only by finding the enemy leader and taking them out will this war come to an end. That's just what you'll be looking to do in Blood Bound, available now from Fantasy Flight Games.

From the post:

Two vampire clans coexisted for centuries, ruling the night with a tenuous but lasting peace. But when the Gargoyle clan began adding to their ranks more heavily, the Phoenix were forced to keep pace or perish. From there, the conflict that consumed the clans was inevitable, bringing both clans to the brink of extinction. Now, only the remnants of each once-proud group remain as both sides seek to discover their allies and capture the leader of the rival clan to finally end this conflict. Gather your clan around you: Blood Bound is on sale now at your local retailer or online through our website!