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Blood and Bone Fantasy RPG Now Available

Arcana Games has a new fantasy RPG available. It's called Blood and Bone. It's being touted as "Game of Thrones meets Dungeons & Dragons". The game uses a streamlined D20 system, and characters don't have classes. Instead, what your character is capable of is based off of the various Traits that they will have and acquire as you adventure around the world of Ossura.

About the game:

Blood and Bone is a dark and gritty fantasy roleplaying game.
Play as a ragtag company of sellswords, a savage band of raiders, or a gang of outlaws and thieves in the unique and deadly world of Ossura.
Create rich characters, driven by human desires in stories fueled by war, intrigue, and exploration.

The core mechanic is a simple, streamlined d20 based system -- easy to learn and easy to use.
Character customization is the heart of the system. There are no professions or classes, instead, characters define themsevles through an expansive list of unique Traits.
Half the book is a campaign setting, which can be easily used with any other roleplaying system.