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Block House released at The Ion Age

The Ion Age gives your little mans a place to rest with the release of their new block house terrain piece.

Block House


From the release:

Truly beautiful and crafted by hand by Sam Croes over several weeks the Block House is a work of miniature art in the space opera style. Curved and with a real feeling of being literally built like a cliff against a raging sea its going to be a tough nut for any attacker to crack open for the juicy innards.

IAF040 Block House
The Block House is a thickly walled structure made to take a real pounding in far future combat protecting colonists and troops alike. It is a high quality grey tone resin one piece casting which is 70mm long, 65mm wide and 35mm tall at its furthest points. It has a lot of external detailing on all sides and roof including the universal mount used on the Hab Dome and four firing slots on the front. It also has a rear airlock door and two side blank mounting points. Suitable for use in any science fiction setting. You will be able to make a whole settlement including strong points to keep your settlement safe. You can add any of the IAF015 Top Mounts or the IAF015 Tower Module to the top of the Block House and the locks and points line up for side mounting Hab Domes or other Block Houses. Decorate your wargame table. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as a single or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page. Price 9.00GBP.

In October 2013 we began the 15mm scale Ion Age terrain system with the release of IAF015 Hab Dome. Since then we have been more than happy with the excellent response world wide to our unique little dome. We expanded with three different IAF015 top mounts at the end of October last year, a sentry gun, comms spire and shield generator all made for the ring mount atop the Hab Dome. Next came the IAF024Fabricator Spire, a small but really special looking piece of terrain that looks great next to anything else we do. In January of this year the IAF015 Tower Module was released meaning that Ion Age fans could build towers of one, two, three or even four levels on top of their Hab Domes and top them off with any of the mounts. March 2014 saw the release of the IAF015 Landing Platform which could be placed on the wargaming table or mounted on a Hab Dome or atop a tower of Tower Modules (great for landing the IAF029 Skylark Patrol Flyer) and two more Top Mounts a missile pod and flak cannon. This brings us to the present and the release of the IAF040 Block House the first of our summer season 2014 terrain releases with more to come. Enjoy!

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