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Blind Ferret Launches Board Game Bento

A couple people here in the office have Lootcrate subscriptions. So every month they get a new box full of random, nerdy goodness delivered. You should see Spencer's or Jared's desk. They've had to start a rotation for all the figures they get. Well, now you can do sign up for a service like that, but for games. Blind Ferret has launched Board Game Bento.

The service starts at $45/month, plus S&H. With that, you'll get at least $80 worth of games and add-ons sent to you every month. The boxes will have either three different games from three different companies, or two games and an expansion (for one of those two games. So you won't be getting just a random expansion from some game you might or might not have). There's themes tied in with every month and the various add-ons will reflect said theme. The first box is "Spooky Game Knight."