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Blighted Ogrun Added to Iron Kingdoms RPG

Everblight has spread his vile corruption all across the north, bringing the northern elves under his control, along with the ogrun that inhabited the region. These already-really-hearty creatures were made even tougher and more fierce. If you'd like to torment your players with these lumbering behemoths, Privateer Press is here to help.

From the announcement:

With next month's release of various terrifying and maddened Blighted Ogrun, Matt Goetz is here to bring some of that insanity into Unleashed with the Blighted Ogrun Adventuring Company!

Blighted ogrun warbands emerge from the wilderness as a pack of primal terrors, hacking, howling, and gnawing their way to victory over the enemies of Everblight. The new Primal Terrors theme force adds great new options to a Legion of Everblight player’s ogrun arsenal, so to celebrate, we are expanding the options for these blighted characters for Iron Kingdoms Unleashed. Blighted ogrun warbands, insanity, and rotwings make for great antagonists for a traditional Unleashed group to face, but they also expand on the options for those interested in playing the servants of Everblight.