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Blank White Dice Available From WizKids

I know what you might be thinking. "Wouldn't a company just selling some blank dice be more grounds for part of a Snippets post?" And you'd be right, if it was just that there were some blank dice available. However, while they can certainly be used for whatever you might need them for (prototyping a new game or such like that), Blank White Dice is its own game as well.


In the game, players are looking to be the first one to score 13 points. You do that by rolling the dice. However, each time you do, you'll also be changing the facings on the dice. You might be looking to create more scoring opportunities, or reducing the chances of your opponents getting the points they need. No two rolls will be exactly the same as dice faces are drawn, redrawn, and erased. There's certainly a strategy in all that randomness.

You can pick up your copy at your LGS now (well, your North American LGS, other shops might still be waiting on their orders).