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Bladestorm 2nd Edition Now Available

The Year of New Editions adds another name to the list. This time it's a fantasy skirmish game that's been around for over a couple decades. When a game's been around for 25 years and hasn't had much in the way of updating, there's generally plenty of things you can do with it. And that's just what we've got with Bladestorm 2nd Edition.

The rules for Bladestorm are very adaptable. Basically, if there's a mini you want to use in your army, you can build them from the ground up within the rules. There's 16 races, 60 types of weapon/natural attacks, 22 spells, 14 professions, 26 profession skills, and rules for making your own items. Heck, I know of RPGs that don't have as elaborate a set of character creation rules.

You can get your copy of the updated rules now.