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Blade of the Iron Throne RPG Kickstarter campaign going on now

Blade of the Iron Throne from Iron Throne Publishing is up on Kickstarter and looking to get funds. Go and have yourself a look-see.

From the campaign:

Do you remember the Indie RPG The Riddle of Steel by Jake Norwood?
Do you have a taste for challenging, maneuver-driven melee combat in your tabletop gaming?
Does your gaming group insist on the story being player-driven rather than referee-driven?
Do you lament the fact that there is so little gaming material out there that supports the Swords & Sorcery literary genre?

If you answered "Yes!!" to any or even all of these then Blade of the Iron Throne has been designed for you and your gaming group.
The team has already published a beta version of the rules and setting, and the kickstarter is designed to finish the work with professional Art and layout.