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Blackwater Gulch Second Edition Up On Kickstarter

The Year of New Editions rolls along. This time headed to the weird West with Gangfight Games' Blackwater Gulch, 2nd Edition. For those that don't know, Blackwater Gulch is set during the Gold Rush era (you know, like where the 49ers get their name from). Everyone's looking to strike it rich. Now, there's two ways to get gold. You can go out and dig it up for yourself. Or you can just ambush some unsuspecting prospector and grab it. This has created gangs all around the town, each looking out for themselves and their own. Adding to that, there's plenty of spooky and creepy things roaming the desert that'd love to take a bite out of the human population, literally. Which gang will you back?


As for the rules, they're a character-driven skirmish game. You pick your gang you want to use and play against your friends as you look to control the streets of Blackwater Gulch. Games are meant to be quick to play, finishing in about 30-60min. As you play, you can even collect valuable loot in order to enhance your gang's abilities. The Kickstarter campaign looks to not only fund the 2nd edition rulebook, but also 3 gang Starter Sets (in plastic). And, personally, I'd like a set of those dice.

The Kickstarter just launched today and they're already well on the way to the goal. It's set to go for another 27 days.