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Blackwater Gulch rules updated and expanded

Gangfight Games have posted an updated version of their Blackwater Gulch Western rules. Blackwater Gulch logo From their announcement:
Blackwater Gulch is a Wild West skirmish game. It's been through a lot of revisions based on tons of feedback over the last year or so and we're happy to announce the latest version is finally done. You start out with a small gang and after each game your gang members earn experience, and learn new skills, buy new weapons, and add more members. It's kind of part wargame, part rpg. The rules are are in 2 separate pieces now: Gangfight Skirmish Game System - These are the core rules that will be used for all Gangfight Games. Planning to one day have several different game settings all using this core ruleset. Blackwater Gulch Expansion Guide - The additional rules for playing Blackwater Gulch, including Professions, skills, equipment, etc. The preview rules are just plain text. Now that we're closer to having things finalized we'll soon be adding photos, diagrams and more. Also, the Blackwater Gulch Expansion Guide is lacking a lot of fluff and background, it's really just the rules. That will all be coming later as well. There's also 2 versions of these rules, a PDF version and an ePub version for if you want to use tablets or e-readers like the iPad or Kindle. So, feel free to visit the website and check it out