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Blackwater Gulch Price Reduction

Gangfight Games is doing something you don't see too often from a gaming company: reducing prices across the board for their miniatures. The reduction is part of the reason they cancelled their recent Kickstarter, as they didn't want people pledging for the higher prices when that wasn't really necessary.
They've also got the first 3D renders up for Vicious Beasts, a new expansion for Blackwater Gulch.
You can check out the new prices in the company's webshop.

From the announcement:


We’ve slashed the prices on all Blackwater Gulch miniatures! All starter sets are now $15 USD, solo Hired Guns are $4 each and the rulebook is $10. All miniatures are available on our new online store.

All of the Blackwater Gulch miniatures will also be included as add-on items in the Bad Lands Kickstarter when we reboot that in April. This price change was part of the reason we canceled the first campaign, since people we’re already pledging for the old prices we couldn’t really change it. Next time we’ll have everything updated and correct. So you can order them now if you don’t want to wait, or you can add them to your Kickstarter pledge in April.

We are also moving forward with the first expansion for Blackwater Gulch, tentatively called “Vicious Beasts”. This will make a whole new faction for the game, based on the Skinwalkers (were-things) and other critters found in Bad Lands. It will likely take quite a while to get all of the new miniatures together, so rather than doing a big and costly splash release or Kickstarter campaign, we are just going to make and release them the old fashioned way, with downloadable playtest rules. That is still several months away, but I wanted to show off the preliminary sculpts for the first few beasts. Here is the Alpha Werewolf, followed by two standard Werewolves. They’re not finished yet, but you can get a good idea of how they will look.

We'll have more information and playtest rules available for the expansion in the coming months, and we'll post pics of new sculpts as we get them done :)