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Blackwater Gulch posts their new Gambler Gang Leader

Gang Fight Games posts up their new model the Gambler Gang Leader. Their Kickstarter is still going as well, so go check it out!

From their post:

Relying on cunning and a little bit of luck, a Gambler always has a few tricks up his sleeve. He know the odds and he count the cards, and his nimble fingertips will help lighten your pockets weather it's at the card table or in a dark alley.

Gamblers gain +1 Quickness when first recruited. Always a bit luckier than most, a Gambler may reroll any one D6 roll in the game, the same as defined in the Leader's Luck rule on page 9. Known for quick reflexes, a Gambler can also dodge attacks in melee combat, gaining +1 DP in melee combat only.

Gang leaders that are also Gamblers gain their reroll, in addition to the 3 Leader's Luck rerolls, giving them 4 rerolls total. In addition, their luck can rub off on friendly gang members. If the Gang Leader is not out of action or fleeing, he may allow a friendly model within 12" to use his reroll(s) instead.

This package includes 1 Gambler Gang Leader Body, 1 Gambler Weapon Sprue and 1 30mm round plastic base. The included weapons allow you to equip your Gang Leader with a Colt 45, Derringer Pocket Pistol, Hatchet, Bowie Knife or a hand full of cards for fun.

The size and scale of the figure is compatible with most "28mm Herioic" miniatures, standing 30mm to the eye, 34mm to the top of his hat. Model supplied unpainted. Not recommended for children under 13. Made in the USA, from good old fashioned white metal.

Sculpted by Patrick Keith, designed by C Wilson Trull, painted by Golem Painting Studio.