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Blackwater Gulch nearly funded on Kickstarter, updates stretch goals

Blackwater Gulch has almost reached their funding level minimum. They've still got 16 days to go to make it. To help out, they've updated their stretch goals a little.

From the update:

Our new Kickstarter campaign is nearly funded! We'e real close now. Since we launched the campaign a couple of days ago, we got a lot of feedback from our backers and have decided to update our campaign goals based on their feedback.

First, we moved the Tranquility Crew to be unlocked at $20,000. We added that gang at the very end at first, it was going to be just for fun really, but due to tons of requests we moved it up to unlock it sooner!

Next, we've also updated the unlock values for our bonus figures. Since we already have Kurt Wyatt sculpted we figured we'd have him unlock at $5000 (so he's available now!) and now what we'll do is have a new goal unlock every $5000, alternating from 1 gang to 1 bonus figure. This will make it a much better value for higher pledges, and give the lower pledges more options to choose from. If you pledge for over $100, you will receive EVERY bonus item for FREE. Currently that's 6 dice and 4 figures. The higher we get, the better that deal becomes :)

We also just got ahold of the new sculpt for Kurt Wyatt, so here is a new photo of the model. Since the Widowmakers will be unlocked soon, they're already on our sculptor's desk and we hope to have some photos of the figures pretty soon :) Despite it being a short campaign (20 days vs the usual 30) we're pretty excited to see how far it's gone so fast. We hope you'll join in and help us expand our game world even further!