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Blackwater Gulch completes Goal #3

Blackwater Gulch is doing rather impressively over on Kickstarter. They've gotten past their Stretch Goal #3 and are hoping for more!

From the guys over there:

We just wanted to thank everyone again, and announce that our Kickstarter campaign has now passed the $12,000 mark and our 3rd stretch goal is complete! Every backer who pledged $30 or more will now receive 8 Sheriff Dice, the Norwegian hired gun miniature and now may also select the Gang Leader figure of your choice! You can pick the Bounty Hunter Gang Leader or the recently released Gamber Gang Leader. If we can reach our 4th goal of $15,000 everyone gets BOTH Gang Leader figures.

In other news, we have 4 out of 5 of the Native American Bloodwolf Tribe sketched out, the last should be done very soon. Early next week we expect to start showing off the concept art for the Bandidos Mexicanos!

Thank you all again for your support!