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Blackwater Gulch 2nd Edition Now Available

As you know, I love when a Kickstarter campaign is successful and then goes to regular retail sale. This is one of those posts. Gangfight Games had their Kickstarter to bring you a new edition of Blackwater Gulch. Now that the backers have their products, you can go in and get yours. There's the new rulebook and cards, as well as a bunch of faction starter boxes to get you going, pardner.

From the announcement:

Check out our all new hardcover rulebook, loot cards and faction starter sets!
It's been quite a ride! We have been working hard since our last Kickstarter campaign, and now that all of the backers' rewards have been sent out we have added our new products to our online store at You can also head over there to download a free version of the rules, and updated Character Cards for all of our miniatures.

Blackwater Gulch Webshop