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Blackout: Journey Into Darkness Headed Through Stretch Goals

Blackout: Journey Into Darkness has made quite a splash on Kickstarter. Their campaign funded in around 8 hours and they've already more than doubled that. Obviously, getting that far has unlocked some stretch goals for the campaign. There's been several "free" upgrades, including new salvage cards, new weapon cards, and double-sided male/female player cards, but there's also some add-ons that've been... well... added on.

The first is a set of dice. "I've already got lots of dice" I hear you start to type. #1: you're a gamer, you can always use more dice. #2: these dice are metal, man! And by that, I mean they're made out of steel. Yes, steel D10s. Why not?

Metal Dice

The other add-on is the Necrovant, as seen in the feature image. This beastie is another of the horrors that await your crew as they search around, trying to find the supplies needed to keep their subterranean civilization going. It looks cuddly. Give it a hug. Go on... I dare you...

There's more that's in store for further stretch goals. The next add-on will come at $50 in the form of the Hired Guns. ... And considering the look of the Necrovant, having more guns around certainly couldn't hurt.

Hired Guns