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Blackout: Journey Into Darkness Back On Kickstarter

As we all know, sometimes the first time doesn't quite work out on Kickstarter. That's ok. It doesn't necessarily mean that the project is a failure. It just means the creators need to work on it a bit more and try again. Granted, sometimes that second time doesn't really work, either. Again, that's alright. Just needs some more fine-tuning. As the old saying goes, "third time's the charm." That, indeed, seems to the be the case for Blackout: Journey Into Darkness, as they've launched their 3rd Kickstarter campaign and this time, they've made it over their funding goal (with still plenty of time on the clock).

The game is a post-apocalyptic "dungeon crawl"-style board game. Can you navigate your heroes through the ruined cities and tunnels of the world, looking for supplies, and avoiding the various horrors that have descended upon the world? Or will you just become food for the horrid abominations?

As I mentioned, they've made it up and over their funding goal already, and are closing in on 2x funded. There's still 30 days to go in the campaign.