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Blackball Games updates on their post-Kickstarter progress for AE-WWII

Blackball Games has been working hard since their Kickstarter was successfully funded, making sure that when AE-WWII gets to your doorstep it's the best it can possibly be.

From the update:

Hi guys, we're hard at work getting things rolling for the second edition and things are going great. Models are being sculpted and cast as we speak, the layout and editing for the new book are moving along nicely and a few new pieces of art are rolling in. In addition, we have packaging in our warehouse (aka: my car-hole) and the bases and token/template sets are lined up and ready to go. So things are moving along great!

I'd like to share the new concept art we have for the OORD Agent. Hector Ortiz is a fantastic artist that we've used for the Book of Fragments line and he was happy to lend his skills to the OORD Agent. With a combination of occult artifacts and military gear, this occult agent is ready to combat the horrors of the SS! We can't wait to see the sculpt! Thanks Hector!