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Blackball Games ships out AE-WWII to Kickstarter backers

Blackball Games has shipped out their Kickstarter orders for AE-WWII.
Personally, these are my favorite sort of Kickstarter news story.

From the announcement:

Hey guys, just a quick update. The majority of the domestic rewards have been shipped today. The remaining domestic and all international rewards will ship tomorrow. Please drop us an email if there are any problems with your rewards or even just to let us know what you think of the books.

Included in many rewards are 'War Bonds' for the models we weren't able to include in your shipment. We again apologize for the delay, but as soon as we get these models in, they will be shipped to you at no charge. There's no need to return the War Bonds to us; we thought they'd be something to remind you we owe you big.

Thanks a lot for your patience, we look forward to hearing your thoughts about the new book and the new edition of AE-WWII!