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Blackball Games posts an update on AEWWII

Blackball Games has posted an update to the state of AEWWII and how things are coming along with production and shipping.


From the update:

Some big news for AE-WWII! We have received the masters for the Hoodoo Conjurer, Schutzkommando and OORD Agent! In addition, the massive shipment of MoAA Agents have arrived. We expect to have the three additional models cast up and to us in a week or so. We're very proud with the quality of these figures and we'll be posting pics of the painted models shortly.

With these new models coming in, we've added them to the online store as well as the British Starter Packs and American Occult Detachment Packs. We've also made some changes to some blisters and will be phasing out some of the old blisters. Beginning today, we have the following blisters on sale for 40% off:

- German Troopers
- Russian Troopers
- Russian Snipers
- SS Knight

For these last two models we've created two new blisters for each, separating the two models in the blister into two additional packages. We'll keep these models for sale until we're completely sold out, at which point they will no longer be available. So get them while you can!

Finally, we've just update the AE-WWII Errata with some additional rules clarifications. Head on over to the forum to check it out and please let us know if we've missed something.

Thanks a lot for your support and patience!