Blackball Games post previews for Book of Fragments range

New game developers Blackball Games have been posting concept art and photos of a work-in-progress sculpt of figures from their upcoming Book of Fragments miniature range.

From their website:

“They have always been here. Dead but dreaming. Blind but watching. Moving the pieces, patiently opening the doors. Planning the return. Over the millennia, there have been those who could see, those who knew. The unlucky, the avaricious, the mad. Through the years there have been glimpses, sightings – scattered reports from the edges. Fragments of the old ones. Portents of what is to come.”

The “Book of Fragments” miniatures line is a collection of horrors, monsters, minions, and cultists for the tabletop. Drawn from mythos and nightmare, and re-conceived by top artists and visionaries in the industry “Book of Fragments” monstrosities break new ground and shatter expectations.

Launching in spring 2011