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Black Wasp Games launches Warbands Kickstarter

Black Wasp Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Warbands, their new 28mm fantasy miniatures skirmish game. The game is designed to be highly customizable, letting you build and load out each member of your team any way you may want. Games might consist of as little as 2 models per side (which, for me, is a plus, since I've moved away from the "mass battle" sorts of games in the last couple years).
The campaign is just under half-funded, but they've still got plenty of time (27 days) left on the clock.

From the campaign:


Warbands is a 28mm tabletop fantasy skirmish game where players select their force of mercenaries from a wide array of races and professions, arm them with weapons and equipment and do battle against each other over a variety of frantic skirmish scenarios.

With over 120 build combinations for each member of your Warband how will you build yours?

This is a skirmish game consisting of miniatures of high detail, using from 2 to 15 models in lower point games per side. With easy to learn streamlined rules and indepth tactical and strategic elements to master, Warbands is suited for both the beginner and experienced players. Offering a unique way of building your group with no factions and a alternating turn system helps keep the game balanced and creates swift and dynamic skirmish battles from any one of the 10 objective based scenarios in a world rich of history.