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Black Spiral Vortices Now Available for Glimpse the Beyond

The final frontier.
These are the RPG soucebooks that expand our games and give GMs more options when running their players through campaigns. To boldly split infinitives where infinitives have never been split before!
Oh, also, Black Spiral Vortices, a new sourcebook for Glimpse the Beyond, is available.

So what sort of new things can you expect in the book? Well, to start off, there's expanded character creation rules. That'll really change things up. You can create mundane humans, Magi, Metaphysicists, and new supernatural creatures as your PCs if you so choose. Along with just making your hero a new class or race, there's all sorts of Boons, Flaws, and Skills that you can choose to expertise in. Plus, if you don't like the current Ritual Magick Rules, there's alternatives. Finally, there's new locations where you can practice those new arts, while using a new skill, of your new character.