Black Orc Games announces pricing increase

Black Orc Games is increasing the price of their miniatures. From their announcement:
Today we are announcing a pricing increase for some of our products. At this point we are planning to limit the increase to our MiniSculpt and Bulk Product due to the thin margin on these product lines. Unfortunately the cost of doing business is going up. Raw materials, production cost, insurance, etc. are all going up. Not to mention the horrible state of our economy. It is just not possible for us to continue to sell some of the figs at their current price. We will be making the pricing changes around mid February to give everyone a chance to get their orders in before the pricing changes take affect. Please note that we will not be increasing the prices of all figs. We are making every effort to continue to offer a product that is affordable for our customers. There will also be an increase in pricing for our production services. We intend to implement the increases in mid February as well. Please contact us soon for production work so that your project can be done using current production pricing.