Black Knight Name the Beastie Contest ends soon

Black Knight Games’ Name the Beastie Contest will soon be ending.


From their announcement:

Hey all of you out there who have not yet entered to win the “Name the Beastie” contest!

You might want to hurry and register on the BKG Forum and enter the contest because time is quickly running out. You must register on the BKG forum to win, but once you do, you not only get to enter the contest, but you will be a member of the Black Knight Games community which entitles you to some pretty cool stuff!

Black Knight Games will be releasing the first beastie in our new line. Here’s the cool part; you can use it for either Fantasy Legend or Galactic Legend! (or any other game you play). We currently call the beast a lesser war monitor, but one of our artists suggested that we have a contest that will let our fans name the animal. I think this is a great idea!

Here is a bit of a teaser showing what the finished model will look like.

So, here’s how it will work…

You can enter the contest by registering with the BKG Forum ( If you are not a member of the forum, then you can’t enter, so join! Once you register on the forum, go to the forum home page. There we have a board entitled “CONTESTS!” that has a thread entitled “Name the New Beastie!” where you can enter your idea(s). You can enter as many names as you like.

Just before we release the miniature, BKG staff will judge the entries and pick a winner. BKG Employees, contractors and their families are not eligible, and no purchase is necessary. The only requirement is that you register on the BKG forum. Note that all entries are considered property of Black Knight Games per our Conditions of Use posted on our Web site.

The winner will receive a set of two beasties and a chariot model.