Black Knight Games Verminion Warrior now in stock

VR001-K-7.jpgBlack Knight Games now have stock of their Verminion Warrior miniature.

From their announcement:
The Black Knight is proud to announce that the pre-orders for the Verminion warrior have ended and the new figures is now in stock. Thank you for the unbelievable response to the pre-orders. The Black Knight and I were surprised and excited to say the least.

Who knew that these versatile figures would be so useful for both role players (as were-rats, were-wolves or just beastmen) and wargammers (for fantasy, Victorian sci-fi or post apocalypse) were glad the response was the same from both ends of the hobby.

This means the Verminion warriors are available for the regular low price of only $3.69+shipping. So drop by the website and grab a cart.

Stay tuned to this site as the release date approaches for the Fantasy Legend Rules.

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