Black Knight Games needs artists and sculptors

Black Knight Games is looking for artists and sculptors to work on their next series of games and miniatures.

From their announcement:

Once again, Black Knight Games is in need of artists and sculptors for our upcoming miniatures and RPG releases. Genres include Fantasy and Science Fiction. Miniatures scale is currently 28mm. In order to be considered, interested parties should send the following with their contact information:
1. Current examples of your work or a link to where we can view your work.
2. Your current working rates. Please convert to USD.
3. Your availability.

Sculptors must be able to create miniatures with separate body components such as arms, heads, etc. and various accoutrements such as packs, shields, quivers, etc. Black Knight Games will be concentrating on providing gamers with a line of miniatures that are customizable.

Artists are needed for B&W and color work. We have not yet contracted for covers, so if you are interested in doing a cover for one of our 2010 releases, then please contact us soon.

We will provide detailed specifications to you after we review your work. We anticipate a great number of responses and will try to get back to everyone regardless of whether we think you will be a good fit or not.

Please respond to