Black Knight Games Name the Beastie contest

Black Knight Games are holding a contest to find a name for one of their upcoming figures.


From their announcement:

Black Knight Games will be releasing the first beastie in our new line. Here’s the cool part; you can use it for either Fantasy Legend or Galactic Legend. We currently call the beast a lesser war monitor, but one of our artists suggested that we have a contest that will let our fans name the animal. I think this is a great idea.

So, here’s how it will work…

You can enter the contest by registering with the BKG Forum. If you are not a member of the forum, then you can’t enter.

I have a board Contests/Name the New Beastie. available where you can enter your idea(s). You can enter as many names as you like.

BKG staff will judge the entries and pick a winner.

The winner will receive a set of two monitors and a chariot model.