Black Knight Games back online

Black Knight Games have finished work on their new site and are back online.

From their announcement:

Finally, after almost two weeks, BKG has deployed the new Web site! The new site is completely different. Instead of taking visitors directly to the store, I decided to create more of an online magazine look and feel. I hope that folks will find this new layout to their liking.

With the new layout, there will be a whole bunch of new features. You will have to visit the site to see what is afoot, but I think it’s pretty cool.

The store is up again as well. I will be adding products to it over the next few days. Mostly the classic minis and the cheap bases. The new Verminion and the classic chariot are already on. One of the really cool things about the new store is that it is now set up for digital products. This means that when Fantasy Legend II is published we will be able to sell the pdf files without going through a clearing house.

The forum has been up for most of the down time.

Thanks to all of you who offered your support during our down time. That was about the LAST thing I needed. Oh well, we made a little lemonade anyway. 🙂

Now I can get back to finishing the rules.