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Black Hole Run Adventure Available For DayTrippers RPG

Black Hole Run, won't you come, and wash away the PCs? Well, it's come alright. Ok, that's an odd way of putting it. Black Hole Run, a new adventure for the DayTrippers RPG, is now available for your gaming pleasure.


The adventure reminds me a lot of the classic The Black Hole movie that I know I've referenced lately. The PCs are sent to Perdurabo, a research station orbiting a black hole. There, they are tasked with helping run some experiments just outside the event horizon (you know, the "point of no return" for a black hole). Obviously, it's a pretty risky task.

Play the adventure is a bit RPG and a bit board game, adding in problem-solving to the mix. Will your PCs make it through the tests unscathed? Will they fall into black hole? If they do, can I have their stereo?

Answer these questions and more when your group plays through.